ULOPF (Ultra Light Aircrafts Pilots Federation, est. 1997) speaks for Lithuania ultralight pilot interests in discussions with the national government. We are committed to protecting the rights and privileges of all ultralight pilots and owners to assure freedom of flight in a minimally controlled flying environment. Our only focus is ultralight flying.

The organization is run by an elected Board of Directors, each responsible for one area (ultralight aircrafts, delta-trikes, moto-paragliders and autogyros).

The organisation is 800+ members strong and responsible for 900+ ultralight aircraft pilots licencing.

ULOPF is has the rights to issue microlight aircarft licences, according to Lithuania transport safety administrato order  (http://www.caa.lt/index.php?-1820530558)

If you have any questions – please email us at info@ulopf.lt

Licence conversion

If you have ultralight pilot licence and planning to stay here for longer period, you might need to have it converted to Lituanian CAA approved version.

To do that, you have to provide:

  1. A request
  2. Passport or personal identification card (EU only)
  3. Existing ULO pilot licence
  4. Flight log book
  5. Aviation law exam and practical test exam.

 Flying over Lithuania

We do submit any important updates to EMF (European Microlight Federation) and their MLA flying over europe handbook: http://emf.aero/mla-flying-in-europe/.

Please check latest VFR maps. Generally, safe altitude is up to 1200″, except areas around Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai and Palanga, where larger airport and TMA/ CTR zones exist.

It is not too crowded, but please check NOTAMs, as in summer time a lot of club, national and international level competition take place.

You will need to submit your aircraft Certificate of airworthness and license to Lithuania CAA (can submit it over info@caa.lt)

Non-LT registered aircraft should be equipped with a transponder and PLB, but generally it is not enforced, as long as pilots common sense prevails.

Aviation in Lithuania


As per year 2015 registry:

Experimental category:

  • 101-Tri axis microlight (factory built)
  • 15 homebuilt microlights (kits)
  • 2 hydroplanes (microlight)
  • 60 trikes (microlight class)
  • 5 autogyros (microlight class)
  • 46 homebuilts or similar


  • 68 helicopters
  • 372 gliders
  • 37 motor-gliders
  • 125 air baloons

Governmental Institutions

  • CAA ( www.caa.lt )
  • VŠI „Oro navigacija“ (air navigation services, information) (www.ans.lt)
  • KOP (Air force) (http://kariuomene.kam.lt/en/structure_1469/air_force.html)


In addition to offficial airfields – multiple unmarked privately-owned airfields and farm-strips exist in Lithuania.

Please check http://www.ourairports.com/